Jazz Dental Care

Jazz Dental Care is a boutique dental practice centered around our philosophy that each patient is an individual and has individual needs. To ensure that our patients have the best possible treatment choices we have a commitment towards teaching, publishing and learning from the brightest in our profession.

We consider to be a boutique dental practice because we do not provide high turnover assembly line dentistry and intentionally limit our patient base in order to focus on the needs of the patient and form lasting friendships. Consistent with our philosophy of individualized care we have evening and weekend hours.

At Jazz Dental Care,  we recognize that certain dental problems manifest themselves due to general medical and systemic conditions. We also believe that the condition of the teeth and gums affect the harmony of your whole body  therefore, we will work with your medical provider to provide you with the most appropriate dental treatment plan to enhance your well being. In certain cases, we also provide no cost cosmetic and esthetic treatment such as free teeth whitening (either in-office or take home) to suitably qualified  patients of record.

Jazz Dental is also committed to helping the members of our community therefore, we work with religious and non-profit groups to provide low cost / no cost high quality dental care to a limited number of economically disadvantaged members of our community.   

We welcome you to Jazz Dental Care and look forward to working with you to create a beautiful and a healthy smile.

We are located at 31 Stelton Road, Suites 2 and 3, Piscataway, NJ 08854

You may call us at Piscataway Twp Office Phone Number 732-424-0300.